Member Benefits & Services

ACI Membership creates an alliance for commercial construction companies though: advocacy, education, networking and safety opportunities.

ACI Membership Benefits

  • ACI Member Discounts
  • Construction Connection - Project Reporting Service
  • Daily Bid Calendar
  • Internet Plan Room
  • Physical Plan Room
  • Advertising & Promotional Opportunities
  • Bimonthly Bulletin
  • LinkedIn Social Media Networking Group
  • Online Membership Directory
  • Physical Membership Directory
  • Quarterly Constructor Magazine
  • Free Notary Service
  • Meeting Rooms to accommodate up to 180 people
  • Industry Advocate

Preferred Partners

  • 3-HAB
  • The Blue Book of Building and Construction
  • CareWorksComp

Networking Opportunities

  • ACI Boot Camp
  • Annual Meeting
  • Annual Golf Outing
  • Annual Picnic
  • CEO Networking Events
  • Cincinnati AGC Events
  • Committee Involvement
  • Community Events
  • Economic Inclusion Expo
  • Open Houses
  • Reds Game
  • Safety Council Meetings
  • Safety Day
  • Steel Toes to Stilettos
  • Technology Expo
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • And several more...

Project Leads

  • Plan Room
    Members of ACI have access to the largest physical plan room in Greater Cincinnati, which displays current commercial construction plans for review. Along with the most up-to-date information, and a knowledgeable staff, ACI can ensure that you are able to get the best, most competitive bid on any project within a 100-mile radius. | Learn more
  • Bid Calendar
    The Bid Calendar is a list of the projects that can be found in the Plan Room, along with the project’s bid date and the location of the plans in the Plan Room. To keep members informed on physical plans in the Plan Room, the ACI Bid Calendar is e-mailed twice a week free of charge, for members. | Learn more
  • Construction Connection
    The Construction Connection is a comprehensive report that is sent via e-mail every business day, and provides detailed, up-to-date information on construction projects in the various stages of planning, bidding, results and awards. The Construction Connection is available to ACI members at a discounted subscription rate. | Learn more
  • The Blue Book Network
    ACI has partnered with the Blue Book Network to bring members the ACI Internet Plan Room. The ACI Internet Plan Room provides access to plans and specifications online, as well as, information on construction projects in the various stages of planning, bidding, results and awards. |
    Learn more


  • Company Specific Training
    Do you have a specific education need for your company? ACI provides company-specific training programs that can be held at your office, jobsite, ACI classrooms’ or a unique facility. Just leave the organization and planning up to us. | Learn more
  • Construction Leaders of Tomorrow (CLT)
    Partnering with Xaiver’s Williams College of Business, ACI has created the Construction Leaders of Tomorrow program. The CLT program is designed for mid-level management who wish to get to the next level in their career. Those active in the program receive intensive personal leadership training, in addition to focused networking with individual of other prominent ACI member companies.
  • Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program
    ACI has partnered with the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati to offer a Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program. This program offers students hands-on training as well as work hardening courses. Students can earn the NCCER Core Curriculum Certificate as well as college credit upon completion. | Learn more
  • NCCER Accredited Assessment Center
    ACI is an accredited NCCER Assessment Center. Craft professionals who wish to display their knowledge and skills to gain the recognition they deserve may successfully complete written exams and practical performance evaluation and earn certification in one of over 45 trades. All assessments are based upon NCCER’s curricula and have been developed in conjunction with Prov™, NCCER’s test development partner. | Learn more


  • NCCER Mobile Crane Certification
    ACI can provide Mobile Crane Certification to individuals who need to earn their national certification. For more information on specific dates on classes for this certification view our events calendar. | Events Calendar
  • Tri-State Area Safety Council
    The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has designated ACI to manage the Tri-State Area Safety Council. By Meeting or exceeding criteria set forth by the BWC, Safety Council members can earn a rebate check up to 4% of their annual BWC premiums. |
    Learn more
  • OSHA Partnership and VPP Challenge
    ACI was the first construction association to sign an OSHA Partnership in the Midwest. Through the Strategic Partnership Program, OSHA works with employers, employees, professional and trade associations, labor organizations and other interested stakeholders to establish specific goals, strategies and performance measures to improve worker safety and health. Also, as an OSHA designated administrator of the VPP Challenge Program, ACI helps our members with enrollment and paperwork of the VPP Challenge program. | Learn more


  • ACI Events
    With over 580 members, ACI is the largest construction trade association in the Tri-State area. Membership with ACI provides a wide range of networking opportunities for contractors, construction management firms, architects, developers, service providers, suppliers and engineers in the industry. From CEO Networking events to our Annual Meeting, ACI has networking options for you and your company. |
    Events Calendar
  • ACI Committees
    With several committees ranging from Safety to Insurance and Finance, ACI is determined to give our members ways to connect with other members as well as be involved in ACI. By joining a committee you have the ability to network with other ACI members, give feedback on different departments of ACI and stay active within the industry with other professionals. | Learn more

Other Benefits

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